Aspirational values are quickly becoming an important source of competitive advantage and differentiation not only for businesses but also for nations, cities, and regions.

The declaration of Independence, which is the cornerstone of values in the USA says: ”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.

The ideals or values behind the French Revolution were Liberty, Equality and Fraternity or brotherhood between people. They were finally institutionalized in the Third Republic at the…

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Strategy is a widely studied topic in business and military but much less used in the context of thinking about your personal career path. We often think about careers in terms of planning or management but much less in terms of strategy. Why not to use the body of knowledge that exists out there about strategy and strategic thinking and to apply it to careers?

Strategy starts and ends with the ability to think strategically. Strategic thinking skill is already highly in demand and is absolutely essential for managers and leaders at all levels. But, ability to think strategically will…

The recent study by Pew Research Center shows a very interesting but a worrying picture of more and more widly held believes about the future of jobs. People expect a revolution in the job market, and they are concerned. Most believe that increasing automation will have negative consequences for jobs. Their greatest concern is that automation will make it harder for ordinary people to find jobs.

What is quite surprising is that relatively few predict new, better-paying jobs will be created by technological advances. This is surprising because in the past the automation ended up creating a lot of new…

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How will the job market of the future look? There is a lot of talk about ‘the future of work’ with often contradictory predictions ranging from a world with no jobs at all (that is -for humans) to a world with only nice and creative jobs (all the rest done by clever machines). It is difficult to predict the future. But when we talk about the future job market, what is clear now is that there are several trends that are already shaping the job market of the future. And one of them is the disappearance or ‘’hollowing out’’ of…

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Fear of automation and technology is running high. According to Pew Research[1], 72% of Americans are worried about a future where robots and computers are capable of performing many human jobs. 75% anticipate that the economy will not create many new, better-paying jobs for those human workers who lose their jobs to machines. Multiple studies showed a similar picture in other Western economies.

Such wide-spread fears about the future of work are not good for individuals, as they increase the level of stress and replace optimism with a pessimistic worldview. These fears are also not good for the societies. The…

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In many different surveys year after year we see quite a surprising but consistent picture: the adult population in developed Western countries is increasingly worried about the future for today’s kids. The majority believe that future generations will be worse off financially than the current generation.

In France, for example, only 6% think that life will be easier for their kids while 77% think it will be more difficult. In Belgium, 71% believes it will be more difficult. Just 37% of Americans believe that today’s children will grow up to be better off financially than their parents[1].

How comes that…

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